Sesame Street Comes to Seaworld

Sesame Street Comes to Seaworld

It’s been announced that Sesame Street is opening at Seaworld Orlando on 27th March 2019.

You can explore the inside of Hooper’s Store and then head for storytime at Big Bird’s Nest, imagine how enraptured your child will be listening to Big Bird tell them a story, how cool will that be?

It’s been created so that it will be  exactly as you imagined from when you have watched the tv show except you get even more as there are lots of attractions and an award-winning parade, this will be the first ever parade at Seaworld, it’s going to be a spectacular new event.

Just imagine being able to meet and play with your favourite characters such as Elmo,  Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Abby and all the gang and have your photo’s taken with them to create precious memories.

There’s also an  area with interactive play with lots of games where you use your body and mind, it’s a great  learning enironment which is also fun

For lots of information on the attractions and entertainment that awaits you see the website here:- Sesame Street at Seaworld Orlando