Bath & Body Works

I’m a member of many Orlando Facebook groups and one shop gets a mention at least once a week and that shop is Bath & Body Works, us Brits absolutley love it in there and bring home copious amounts of their lotions and potions and home goods (and their poor husbands who are usually shopped out) spend a lot of time mooching around the shop (they are in many places not just Orlando)

The tiny hand sanitizers are extremely popular and my friends often ask me to get them for them (luckily they are tiny and not heavy at all so they don’t really impact on my weight limit coming back to the UK)   You can get 5 for $6 and they have little holders for them so you cn clip them on to your jeans loop or your handbag.

Persoally I have a few home favoutites including the foaming hand wash.  I have the Black Cherry Merlot in my bathroom (in the photo)  and the Eucalyptus Mint in my kitchen.  The fragrance is strong and lasts for a long time after you’ve washed your hands.

I also love their 3 wick candles and have 2 at the moment (I’d have more but they are heavy to bring back.  They fill my lounge with gorgeous fragrance.   I absolutely love lilac and you don’t see it often as it’s quite a old fashioned flower so when I spotted this I was delighted.  I also have the lilac spray air freshners.

My car even gets a look in with a Scentportable, it clips on to my sun visor and you can get lots of different refills with loads of choice of fragrance, I currently have the Endless Weekend in mine.  The holders are plentiful, I have quoite a plain one but some are fancy and some are bling.

They don’t just do things for the home they have body lotions, body sprays, soaps, so many personal items to make you smell gorgeous as well as your home smelling gorgeous.

So, there’s some of my favourites, I could go on and on but lets hear what you love from this shop – do you have a personal favourite?

Pop over to their website and sign up to their email club as they send special offer coupons etc.  It’s worth looking at their website just to see the gorgeous pictures, they sure do know how make make things look pretty:-  Bath & Body Works

If this is all new to you and you’ve never visited this store and you now decide to visit  when you are in Orlando then do pop back and comment on my post to let me know what you bought.

Happy shopping guys