I just got the most wonderful review for the villa:-

You just have to read the other reviews, every one gives this villa full marks, and I totally understand why.

This was our 6th visit to Orlando, and without doubt this has been the best villa we have stayed in.

From the moment we first entered the villa you could just feel comfort and cleanliness. It had everything you could ask for, ipod docks, , xbox, DVD player and movies, and a great selection of tv chanels, as well as a great games room. The whole villa was tastefully decorated, and the rooms spacious. There was 2 unsuite bedrooms and 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds in each.

The pool area was lovely, with sun shine all day long. We said this year we would stay in the villa more, instead of going out every day, and it was lovely for us all to congregate and just chill by the pool with a few beers, and a couple of times I put the BBQ on. Even though there was 8 of us there, the place seemed spacious, but my favourite spot was the settee in the front room of the house, where you could get away from all the madness, and just keep up to date with whats going on in the world.

This Villa is in Highgate Park on Highway 27 about a mile from Highway 192 towards Haines City, and its a gated community which also gives you peace of mind.

Dealing with the owner was a pleasure, and any queries where dealt with inside a couple of hours. I loved the nice wee touch of leaving my granddaughter a Disney passport cover. Its these simple things that makes us want to come back here, and we will.

We go to Orlando every 2 years or so, and this villa will be our first port of call. The whole experience from first finding this villa, to booking it, to the payments, to deposit being returned promptly has been first class.

Garth & Family, Belfast, N. Ireland

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